Frequently Asked Questions

All of our ingredients are sourced from trusted suppliers. Everything prepped fresh in house from veggies to proteins and dressings.

Yes, our dining rooms are open and observe both federal and state Covid regulations.

Yes. Call or better yet, download our app from Apple or Google to see if you are within our delivery area.

Yes, many and any and all dietary restrictions can be catered to, including, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan, etc.

Yes, please refer to the catering tab on our website.

We offer catering in the surrounding areas of each of our restaurants in Ann Arbor, Madison, and Downtown Chicago. Don’t hesitate to call or email our restaurants with any questions.

We have the Salads UP app that features our reward program. Joining is easy, simply download our app from Apple or Google.

Yes, gift cards can be purchased online through our website.

All of our locations have a parking area.

We comply with all federal and state covid regulations. Some of what we do includes enhanced cleaning and hand washing schedules, contact free payment, hand sanitizing stations, mandatory temp and wellness checks for team members, expert guided food safety protocols, contact free delivery, etc.

Ann Arbor 2014, Madison 2016, Chicago 2022

Yes, we are always looking to hire awesome people to join our team.